Sanaz Kianoush, Research Fellow
CNR IEIIT - Wireless Communication Systems Group

Sanaz Kianoush
c/o DEIB - Politecnico di Milano,
p.zza Leonardo da Vinci 32
20133 Milano, Italy
Tel.+39 02 2399 8927

Sanaz Kianoush is a Postdoc at CNR (National Research Council) IEIIT institute (Institute of Electronic Informatics and Telecommunication engineering) in Wireless Communication Systems Group in Milan, Italy since November 2014.

She received the MSc degree from Islamic Azad University of Tehran, Iran in 2008 and PhD Degree in Electronic Engineering from University of Pavia, Italy in 2014.

In 2008-10, she was the lecturer at Islamic Azad University Sary, Iran. She taught communication systems course and hold Electronics and communication systems laboratories.

Her research interests include Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks, Low-complexity and Energy-efficient localization in Cognitive Radio Networks, and Context-aware Activity Recognition.

More information about research activities and publication lists can be found in CV.