Cristina De Castro, Researcher
CNR IEIIT - Wireless Communication Systems Group

IEIIT-CNR, Bologna unit
V.le del Risorgimento 2, Bologna 40136, Italy
Tel.: +39 051 209 3552
Fax: +39 051 209 3540

Born in Bologna (Italy) on March 4th 1967, she graduated in Mathematics (with honors) at the University of Bologna in 1991 (thesis on Dynamical Systems). In 1996 she received a Ph.D. in Electronics and Computer Science from the same university (thesis on Temporal Databases). She is currently researcher at CNR-IEIIT.

Her current research themes are smart environments and applications of machine learning methodologies to network architectures.
Past interests were: (1) smart navigation, (2) e/m learning, (3) temporal databases: interoperability, schema versioning and spatio-temporal layered architectures for the cultural heritage.

From 95/96 to 00/01, lecturer of Database Systems at the School of Engineering of Cesena (Bologna University, Italy). From 99/00 to 11/12, lecturer of Fundamentals of Databases at the School of Engineering of Ferrara University, Italy.